Solutions that are right for you

Catherine Steele

For the past 17 years we have been helping our clients stay ahead of the curve through our custom software development. Our end goal is to ensure return on investment for our clients and software solutions that are focused on quantifiable business outcomes.

Solutions we have delivered provide more streamlined and efficient ordering processes, dashboards that allow for better visibility of customer buying patterns and data gathering for greater insight into customer behaviour.
Whatever your needs, we follow a structured project methodology that ensures that we deliver solutions that excel expectations, are developed rapidly and deliver to budget.

Spaarks provides high level customer skills are able to explain the work so that we understand and get exactly what we want. Spaarks are a wonderful and marvellous team to work with and we will always be grateful for their advice, and I could not recommend them high enough.

Christine Waller, ACT Health

How we do it

We use the PROPEL method, where large projects are broken down into smaller more manageable sub-projects that can be implemented within a maximum of 3-6 months.

In turn, this is aligned to our approach to software development that is based on the Agile process, allowing a solution to develop iteratively and incrementally. This approach accepts that full requirements may not be known up front and is designed to deliver a product fully aligned to your business objectives.

As our client, you will be kept at the centre of the project so there are no surprises.

For each sub-project, our project governance is aligned to the following phases:

Project Initiation

Armed with the key findings from the Discovery phase report and the short term strategy map we can then prepare a proposal that outlines the recommended approach, timelines / phasing and costs for the desired outcome.

Project close

Once the desired project goals have been achieved, we enter a phase of retrospection & handover. We perform a project retrospective which identifies the successes of the project as well as what could be improved next time. Finally, we organise & perform handover of the project for either the next phase of development or ongoing maintenance.

Project set up

At this point, we’ll be looking at the high level schedule and capturing any risks and issues in our project definition document. Issues that have the greatest business impact will be captured and mitigated against, and communications will be agreed. Our technical and project environments will be set so we’re ready to start the next phase. It’s here that we prioritise requirements based on highest priority in our backlog.

Sprint cycle

Spaarks follow an Agile development methodology which is comprised of multiple sprints each lasting around two weeks. At the end of each sprint, stakeholders are invited to a product demo. Feedback is captured here and acted upon in the next sprint. Requirements will also be re-prioritised with you at this point.


We will be working to ensure that we deliver fast and this may mean releasing working pieces of software at the end of each sprint, if appropriate to the solution. We have a period of user acceptance testing which means you are able to test the solution before it is released into the live environment.

Agile Process

Agile is a process that enables the client to be at the heart of software development.

Within this process, requirements that have been captured during the Planning phase are turned into user stories – small stories that describe a piece of desired functionality. These stories are articulated in the format: “As a <user type>, I want to be able to <do something> in order to <achieve a result>. A story does not detail how the feature will be implemented at a technical level.

We will prioritise user stories with you and place them in the backlog of work.

In collaboration with the spaarks Scrum Master and technical development team user stories will be allocated to Sprints. This is where the actual development takes place. The spaarks Product Owner will work with you to prioritise user stories as the development of the solution progresses.

We aim to demonstrate a viable piece of functionality or a feature at the end of each sprint in order to get your feedback and to make sure that what’s evolving is aligned to your expectations. In our experience, this transparency and constant communication is key to a successful project.

The agile process is specifically designed for maximum focus and quick returns.