The PROPEL method

The PROPEL method is a fast-track structured method for achieving business objectives using software

Software is changing the business landscape at an incredible rate.  Every day opportunities and threats are being created that could propel a business to new heights or threaten its very existence.   Those organisations that act too slowly are destined to become irrelevant as they get overtaken by their competitors.  Heading for a similar fate are those companies that act quickly, adopting the latest software without a process for alignment to business priorities.

In a world where there are literally millions of software products available in the cloud, at the touch of a button, a robust but flexible software strategy and implementation process is an essential cornerstone of every business.

A software strategy is no longer a long term prescriptive programme – it is a clear business vision that is supported by short term, flexible goals.


The key to a successful project rests with the support of its stakeholders.

The objective of the first module is to establish agreement on the project purpose, understand who the stakeholders are and agree the extent to which each stakeholder should be involved with the project.


The purpose of the discovery module is to get a thorough and detailed understanding of the business priorities, constraints, risks and competitors.  A large proportion of this work is achieved through a guided stakeholder workshop.


Armed with the understanding from the Research phase, we review the products available in the market place that best fit the identified business priorities.  We use tools to generate ideas including prototyping.


This is where the plan comes together. Armed with the information gained from the activities in the research and opportunties phases, the key findings are presented to the stakeholders. The group can then agree the highest priority business objectives.  A backlog is created and the work for this execution phase is ordered into sprints.


Product Owners will work closely with the Scrum development team using tried and tested Agile principles.


On completion of the execution phase, the team are brought together to review the project and document any lessons that need to be brought into the next cycle PROPEL cycle.

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