Info-Tech Partnership

Spaarks is the only UK partner of Info-Tech Research Group, the world’s fastest growing information technology research and advisory company.

Info-Tech produce unbiased and highly relevant IT research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely and well informed decisions. Our partnership allows us to provide everything our clients need, from research and blueprints through to actionable tools and in-depth programmes, ensuring we deliver valuable and measurable results for your organisation.
Info-Tech insight is directly aimed at helping our clients:
  • Systematically improve their core processes and governance
  • Successfully implement critical technology projects
Find more information about a few of the diagnostic tools we use most frequently in our Tools and Resources section.
Whatever stage your business is at, we have the tools and implementation strategies to push your business forward with technology

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Premium research

Info-Tech produce unbiased and highly relevant IT research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely and well informed decisions. Spaarks take that research and combine it with our understanding of your business, to provide measurable results.

Solution sets

Research, advice and step by step practical solutions to mitigate potential issues, improve performance, and drive your business forward.


Over 1000 tools are available to benchmark your business, evaluate areas which can be improved, and determine priorities for maximum impact on your business, employees and customers.


Info-Tech storyboards display management information in an informative and compelling way.  They provide an accessible means of engaging with an audience and are ideal for conveying processes, rather than using traditional reports.

Templates and policies

Info-Tech provides industry standard best practice templates and policies for management of IT infrastructure and services and aligning IT with business needs.

Vendor research

As core IT services continue to become outsourced and automated, IT is becoming increasingly dependent on external vendors. Info-Tech research can deliver immediate cost savings and advice to ensure vendors contribute to the future success of your business.