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Where is your business?

Every business will be a software business

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Successful businesses are removing the barrier between ‘The Business’ and ‘IT’ and have adopted a model where software is now intertwined with every facet of the operation of the business – from supply chain to marketing and beyond. This shift creates huge operational efficiencies for transforming the customer experience and creating new revenue streams. As a business owner or senior executive, you must educate yourself and take action.

What We Do

We help you realise the benefits that software can bring to your business by concentrating on these 5 key areas:

Cost Reduction

Faced with a global business landscape, organisations are under constant pressure to maintain cost effectiveness and reduce expenses. Our experts systematically identify opportunities within your organisation where software can drivea these initiatives.

Process Improvement

Inefficient or ineffective business processes can lead to unhappy customers, increased costs and disengaged staff. We breakdown your formal and informal process to identify bottlenecks, wastage, delays and frustrations and implement software solutions to make your organisation more effective and efficient. 

Visibility, Monitoring & Reporting

We are specialists in designing and implement tools to organise, evaluate and efficiently manage your organisation. With effective reporting, strategic decisions can be evidence based and accountability is possible. 


A quality product or service is no longer enough to stay in business. Increasing globalisation has lowered costs to an extent that it is now difficult to stay competitive. A process of innovation is essential to differentiate yourself so that you can retain and gain customers now and into the future.

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No company can afford to leave technology out of their overall strategy. You need a technology strategy that is action-orientated and aligns with your business vision.

How We Do It

Move quickly, act wisely and get measurable results using our PROPEL framework

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Tools & Research

At spaarks, we are constantly searching for innovative solutions and advances in software that can improve and grow businesses. We also believe in getting insights and opinion from external sources. We invest heavily in order to maintain access to the latest thinking inside and outside the company. We gain insights from thought leaders such as Gartner, L21nc, McKinsey and apply these to each client’s individual needs and situation. In addition to our own blog, we are also the only UK partners with Info-Tech Research Group, the world’s fastest growing IT Research and Advisory. This alliance gives our clients access to over 2000 practical tools, blueprints and templates.

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How We Work With You

Whether you need us to plan, manage and implement an entire project or whether you just need us to provide you with world class best practices, structure and guidance, we have various levels of involvement to suit your individual needs.

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