Spaarks helps Philips create an efficient wholesale customer order pipeline.  Not just faster and less error-prone orders, but a superior customer experience.


Following the spaarks methodology: prepare, discover, plan and execute, we worked with Philips to develop a flexible software solution. Our key task was to improve order efficiency and accuracy. The result is an online ordering system that delivers products quickly and reliably to wholesalers in Australia.

Philips, the global leader in home healthcare, use game-changing technology to deliver a superior customer experience.

The Challenge

Philips wanted a more efficient and streamlined solution for their loyal wholesale customers, and they wanted it quickly. They asked us to make it happen.

They needed a customised online ordering system that facilitated bespoke pricing for over 90 wholesalers.  The solution needed to provide a flexible and seamless experience for placing orders in a multi pricing environment as well as being accessible from anywhere, on any kind of device.   It needed to eliminate double keying of orders as they previously came in through different formats from different customers instead of being placed directly in real time. The solution needed to be able to provide customer history, allow for quick placement of common orders, and provide management information regarding customer buying habits.




Discover, Plan and Execute

In 35 days we delivered a customised online ordering system that facilitates bespoke pricing for over 90 wholesalers.

Our first step was a joint discovery workshop which allowed us to pinpoint core problems with the existing process. Recognising that usability and maintainability were key, we put forward a proposition supporting different pricing models, which is largely self-managed. And, naturally, it was deliverable on budget in just 35 days.

Our teams in Australia and the UK then created a prototype model. We took this to Philips to show how the new system would work and to get user feedback, before kick-starting development in full.

Taking a hybrid approach, we selected a good market product and using in-house expertise to increase functionality and customise it, we executed the sophisticated and efficient online ordering system Philips wanted.

  • Wholesalers can log into their account, view products with client-specific pricing, place orders, select and manage billing and shipping addresses
  • Philips self-manage product updates and have the option to add links and marketing materials



Being lean, efficient and driving ROI is key to Philips, and they have taken a significant step forward by streamlining the order processing for wholesale customers. The results speak for themselves. The new solution has given Philips:

  • improved accuracy and speed of orders
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • deeper customer insight and improved management information
  • time savings with customers ordering directly on one self-service platform

Overall the solution has meant the time to order has been reduced, allowing for fulfillment of same day orders, a huge customer benefit Philips previously could not offer.



The Future

The next step up the ladder for Philips is to integrate the online system with SAP, to reduce the workload for their administrative team even further as part of a plan of continual improvement.