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Virtual Reality Is Finally Here

Virtual Reality is finally here

2015 came and went without so much as a hoverboard prototype, but something nearly as futuristic has just arrived: Virtual…

The Robots Are Coming

The Robots Are Coming

For many years we have heard about the impending Robot revolution. We have watched not one but four terminator movies…

How To Get 20 Times More Productive – Ask A Robot

How to get 20 times more productive - ask a robot

Human beings push the boundaries. They can achieve the most astonishing feats. Take Lucas Etter, a fourteen year old from…

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Info-Tech Partnership

Spaarks is the only UK partner of Info-Tech Research Group, the world’s fastest growing information technology research and advisory company. This allows us to provide our clients with unbiased and highly relevant research to help business leaders make strategic, timely and well informed decisions.

Benefit to our clients include:

Premium Research
Solutions Sets
Policies and Templates
Vendor Research


Clear, concise and actionable information

Diagnostic Tools

Customised reports for informed decisions


spaarks are a wonderful and marvellous team to work with and we will always be grateful for their advice, and I could not recommend them highly enough. 

Christine Waller, ACT Health

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